TASAI Spotlights


Developing the market for certified seed, building capacity of local seed companies, and strengthening Mali’s seed testing entity, the Laboratoire des Semences du Mali, are key priorities for seed industry reform in Mali. These – and other issues – were identified in a workshop convened by TASAI in partnership with the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa to release the findings of the TASAI country study in Mali. Held in Bamako on August 21, 2019, the program brought together participants from government agencies (the Direction Nationale de l’ Agriculture under the Ministry of Agriculture and the Institut d’Economie Rurale), the national agriculture research institution, the national seed association (Association Semencière du Mali), private seed companies, and development organizations.

The workshop was opened by Mr. Oumar Tamboura, the new Director General of NDA, who emphasized that the workshop was both important and timely, as the Ministry of Agriculture is making efforts to build a more organized seed sector in Mali. His sentiments were echoed by Dr. Bourema Dembele, AGRA Country Manager for Mali, who added that AGRA supports governments’ efforts to improve the policy environment for agriculture, and that the TASAI study provides evidence to propel such reforms.