TASAI co-hosts webinar with Zimbabwe Plant Breeders Association

On March 18, 2021, TASAI’s Chief Scientific Advisor and Cornell University Research Professor Ed Mabaya gave a webinar entitled “Getting improved seed to smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe; Emerging Issues and Lessons from other African Countries.”  The event was co-hosted with the Zimbabwe Plant Breeders Association and the Zimbabwe Seed Trade Association.  Building on data from TASAI and other sources, the presentation highlighted the latest innovations in crop breeding, discussed the best ways to handle the growing challenge of fake seed.  The discussion also extended to the role of the private sector in a thriving seed sector.  The webinar was well attended with over 155 registered participants, representing a wide range of institutions from Zimbabwe and beyond.  The presentation was followed by a lively discussion on a variety of issues, ranging from strategies to prevent counterfeit seeds, the potential of GMO crops, agro-dealer networks and climate smart varieties.  Given the high level of interest in the program, the TASAI team plans to host similar events in the future to spark dialogue among industry stakeholders on important issues related to the seed sector in Africa.

The recording of the zoom webinar is available for viewing online on TASAI’s YouTube channel.