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CNN Business, October 18, 2019 | How technology is helping African farms to flourish

Daily Nation, October 4 , 2019 | Kalro upbeat as it develops improved cassava varieties

All Africa, September 29, 2019 | Nigeria: How Technology in Agriculture Can Reduce Extreme Poverty – Nigeria’s Robotic Engineer

Dubawa, September 13, 2019 | Nigerian agricultural seed agency unveils five-year plan

Ghana Web, September 14, 2019 | Cheaper lending to agric on the horizon – Ofori-Atta

Farmers Review Africa, August 20, 2019 | Vodacom’s Women Farmers Programme goes nationwide to transform small scale Agri sector through Digital tools

Capital Business, August 10, 2019 | Fertilizer manufacturer unveils weather app targeting Kenyan farmers

Alliance for Science, July 27, 2019 | New breeding techniques can help Africa meet its food security

Euro News, June 21, 2019 | There are lessons to be learned to ensure technology is a force for good for Africa’s farmers

Kenya’s Watching, June 14, 2019 | Potato farmers in five counties to access certified planting material

MIT News, May 30, 2019 | Empowering African Farmers with Data

The EastAfrican, April 28, 2019 | Climate smart farming projects in Uganda get 1.2m

SeedWorld, April 23, 2019| CIMMYT and Clinton Foundation Partner to Improve Access to Climate-Resilient Maize Seed

Independent News, April 13, 2019 | Kenya Says Increasing Soil Acidity Affects Food Security Goal

Business Ghana, March 24, 2019 | Government urged to invest in family farming to attain SDGs

Fresh Plaza, March 24, 2019 | Black citrus farmers tell citrus summit of need for organised agriculture in rural farming areas

Daily Nation, December 8, 2018 | Fighting maize lethal necrosis disease

Standard Digital, December 7, 2018 | Sustainable Hybrid Seed Sector Key to Africa’s Green Revolution

Daily Guide, November 29, 2018 | $60m Seeds Project For West Africa Launched

SciDevNet, April 10, 2018 | Improved cowpea in the offing for Ghanaian smallholders

Reuters, November 16, 2018 | Finding fakes: Mobile phones help detect counterfeit seeds in Kenya

Saudi Gazette, November 6, 2018 | Seeds of change: Mali farmers fight drought with hybrid crops

Gastro Obscura, October 3, 2018 | This seed bank preserves biodiversity by opening its doors to farmers

Nature, October 2, 2018 | China to train African scientists as part of $60 billion development plan

AGRA, August 2, 2018 | New plant breeders release over 60 improved seed varieties, boosting Africa’s food security

DE Zeen, August 27, 2018 | Architect proposes first seed vault in Sub-Saharan Africa for site on Mount Kilimanjaro

Food Tank, August 15, 2018 | Climate Smart Agriculture Techniques Spread Beyond Senegal with New Regional Center

The Observer, July 13, 2018 | How Chinese millet gives Ugandan farmers hope

All Africa, July 10, 2018 | Zimbabwe:Climate Change Takes Toll

FoodTank, 2018 | The small seed changing West Africa

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