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Reuters, November 16, 2018 | Finding fakes: Mobile phones help detect counterfeit seeds in Kenya

Saudi Gazette, November 6, 2018 | Seeds of change: Mali farmers fight drought with hybrid crops

Gastro Obscura, October 3, 2018 | This seed bank preserves biodiversity by opening its doors to farmers

Nature, October 2, 2018 | China to train African scientists as part of $60 billion development plan

AGRA, August 2, 2018 | New plant breeders release over 60 improved seed varieties, boosting Africa’s food security

DE Zeen, August 27, 2018 | Architect proposes first seed vault in Sub-Saharan Africa for site on Mount Kilimanjaro

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All Africa, May 16, 2018 | Africa: Which Climate Smart technologies will pay off for African Farmers?

Newsday, April 5, 2018 | Climate change threatens maize output

Coastweek, June 22, 2017 | Improved seeds hold answer to Africa’s food challenge: Ghanaian minister

Thomson Reuters Foundation News, June 20,2017 | To fight desertification we need to drive diversity on farms and plates

World Policy, June 1, 2017 | Africa’s Hidden Drought: A Desert of Agriculture Policy

Al Jazeera, May 22, 2017 | Crop biodiversity: The key to ending hunger

Financial Times, April 10, 2017 | Uganda’s population growth puts spotlight on food