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All Africa, July 8, 2020 | Data-Driven Advisory Services Key for Africa’s Agricultural Development

Southern Times, July 4, 2020 | Botswana signs SADC seed charter

Daily Trust, July 6, 2020 | Female farmers cry for help as COVID-19 widens poverty

The Guardian, July 3, 2020 | COVID-19 : Nigeria distributes free seeds, fertilizers, to Kogi farmers

The Point, July 3, 2020 | Vulnerable Gambian smallholder farmers to benefit from D2.7 million support

Ag Web, June 27, 2020 | Using Data in Nigeria to Reduce Violence and Build Food Security

Togo First, June 25, 2020 | Togo: As Covid-19 pandemic persists, AfDB diverts $3 mln initially reserved for agrohub project to the acquisition of farm inputs

Alliance for Science, June 23, 2020 | COVID-19 disrupts Africa’s seed supply, threatening food security

Horti Daily, June 24, 2020 | Resilience of seed sectors in Africa and Asia at stake due to pandemic

Public Ecofin Agency, June 16, 2020 | Kenyan govt plans $495mln+ agricultural investment in FY2020-21, down 11% from FY2019-20

ILRI News, June 10, 2020 | The power of ideas: New ways of thinking about gender can improve development outcomes

News Ghana, June 14, 2020 | Africa needs better systems to improve farmer incomes, livelihoods – Fairtrade Africa

IPP Media, June 14, 2020 | App uses science, tradition to warn farmers about drought

IPP Media, June 11, 2020 | Industrial agriculture receiving bulk of Africa’s development funding

May 5, 2020 | Coronavirus – South Sudan: FAO seeds distribution underway in South Sudan despite COVID-19 restrictions

Kenya News Agency, May 29, 2020 | National government to give seed capital to traders

CISION, May 22, 2020 | AgDevCo Expands Agri-portfolio in East Africa, With Low-cost Grain Storage Solution for Smallholder Farmers

The Standard, May 21, 2020 | Covid-19: Small-scale farmers fill city’s food supply gap

The Chronicle, May 13, 2020| AfDB programme to boost Africa’s food basket

Africa Times, April 30, 2020 | Mitigating COVID-19’s impact on Africa’s food systems

Daily Nation, April 22, 2020 | Agronomist notebook: Watch out for fake seeds as planting season starts

The Guardian, April 22, 2020 | Abia farmers get improved maize seeds, chemicals, inputs

Togo First, April 18, 2020 | Togo: The government identifies agricultural actors, towards creating an agricultural stock market

AgriNews, April 13, 2020 | Nutrition intervention in Malawi: $335,005 grant to Soybean Innovation Lab

The South Africa, April 7, 2020 | Distressed small-scale farmers granted R1.2 billion in relief

Daily Nation, April 4 2020 | Agriculture sector prospects brighter with new directives

GLP, March 31, 2020 | Coronavirus boosts likelihood of food shortage in Kenya as farmers battle crop-destroying locust swarms

Joy Online, March 31, 2020 | There will be food shortages if coronavirus pandemic persists – Finance Minister

This News, March 26, 2020 | Building Competitive Agricultural Economy

TCV News, March 3 , 2020 | Nat’l Agricultural Seed Council seeks urgent passage of plant variety bill

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